Product, Process and Control Workshop: Innovative, Inclusive and Mobilizing

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With the completion of the 65th class of the Product, Process and Control Workshop, last October, was accomplished the ambitious commitment undertaken in 2013, of bringing this initiative to all Riopele employees.

Held monthly since October of 2013, except during the months of August, the Workshop was attended by 1077 employees, distributed in 65 classes with mixed groups, 16 trainers, a total of 15000 hours of training per trainee.

Inserted in scope of the Horizontes Programme, the Workshop, as the name implies, focused on three essential aspects: in the Product aspect, i.e., the dynamics involving the creation, the development and the engineering of fabrics; in the Process aspect, an approach to the production processes carried out at the level of Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving, Finishing and Quality Control; and in the Control aspect, stressing the relevance of accounting and financial indicators for decision-making.

It was thus sought to promote a global and simultaneously technical knowledge of the company’s processes and products, to encourage and emphasize the relevance of collaboration between supplier and internal customer, in short, for each employee to improve their individual and teamwork performance.

Over these seven years, many important challenges have emerged, which unveiled the inclusive, integrative and cross-sectional dimension of the Workshop, such as the participation of employees with special needs, which required adapting the training pursuant to their needs, the mediation of schedules and calendars for the employees in the various shifts, namely in the 3rd shift (evening shift) and updating the training content, taking into consideration the feedback given by the trainees.

In the course of the sessions, trainees also shared their feedback regarding the frequency of the Product, Process and Control Workshop, which greatly contributed to the enrichment and adjustment of the training contents, namely the introduction of components in Quality, Environment and Safety, Energy and Modelling Centre.

The answers submitted on the training assessment questionnaires revealed high satisfaction of trainees, with numerous positive comments, as can be evidenced by the testimonials.

Having accomplished its initial objective of reaching all employees, the Product, Process and Control Workshop will continue to be held quarterly, now aimed towards new employees, who will be part of the new classes.

Being considered the most comprehensive training activity held to date in Riopele’s history, this initiative was coordinated by the Human Resources Department, which focused, on one hand, in the definition, structure and monitor of the training and, on the other hand, participated in preparing and drafting of the training contents, together with the internal training team.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that the main mentor of the Workshop, the administrator Bernardino Carneiro, attended all opening and closing sessions, which demonstrates the strategic relevance of this initiative for Riopele’s Administration.

Finally, it is equally important to note that, in 2017, the Product, Process and Control Workshop was chosen as a case study by Lusíada University – North and featured in the book “Empresariato, Casos de Sucesso Empresarial”, an outcome that contributed to the valorisation of Riopele’s image abroad.