Tribute to Bairro Dona Olinda neighbourhood

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At the beginning of March 2016, a tribute was held for Olinda Reis de Oliveira, wife of José Dias de Oliveira, founder of Riopele, and grandmother of Joseph Alexandre Oliveira, current President of the Board of Directors of the Riopele Group.

Olinda Reis de Oliveira dedicated her life to community initiatives and was involved in various Riopele social projects, one of the most outstanding of which was the construction of a development of 20 homes, built in the 1960's for company employees and players belonging to the Riopele Sports Group. The neighbourhood was opened in 1965 by Admiral Américo Tomás, the then President of the Republic of Portugal, and was immediately named after Dona Olinda.

Recently this neighbourhood has undergone comprehensive restorative work, funded in full by Riopele, which included street paving, street lighting, installation of new sewerage networks and electricity, the connection of these infrastructures to public networks and the restoration house roofs.

In order to celebrate the completion of the works and to honour Olinda Reis de Oliveira, José Alexandre Oliveira unveiled a plaque that was placed in a small square in the neighbourhood. This initiative was also attended by the Director Bernardino Carneiro and other key Riopele personnel.

In addition to the restoration work, Riopele also recovered land, adjacent to the housing development, and signed free-lease agreements with some residents from another adjoining building, which thus allows for the cultivation of vegetable gardens without paying rent for the use of land.

If you would like to see the honorary board and the restoration works, head towards the Parque de Jogos José Dias de Oliveira (on Avenida José Dias de Oliveira). From there head down Rua Olinda Oliveira Reis, which is where you will find Barrio D. Olinda.