Portuguese exports: Moving onwards and upwards

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After achieving its best year ever in terms of exports in 2021, the textile and clothing sector in Portugal is going along at a good pace in 2022.

The textile and clothing industry closed the first half of the year with exports of 3135 million euros, up 18.6% on a year-on-year basis.

The European markets are growing by 19.3%, totalling 2327 million. Extra-community sales amounted to 808.3 million, up 16.5%. "Very positive” figures according to Mário Jorge Machado, the chair of the Textile and Clothing Association in Portugal.

"In terms of the economic climate, we are going through a very positive first half of the year, with Portugal being sought out by the main European - and some worldwide - brands for the production of garments with a higher added value and for the higher range segments", stressed the association leader.

For the Sector's Association, the next few months are set to be quite tricky, with inflation, the energy price hikes, the War in Ukraine and the pandemic as the main issues.