Riopele all year-round

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"It makes no sense to launch only two collections a year when we supply customers with very different characteristics all over the world." The statement is from José Alexandre Oliveira, Riopele Chairman, summarising Riopele's strategic option of developing new products to address a growing number of markets.

In addition to the two traditional collections during the year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, Riopele develops different capsule and trans-seasonal collections over the year. "We have endeavoured to meet market demands as well as the requirements of our customers," emphasises Riopele Chairman.

In the past decade, Riopele has addressed particularly distinct market segments to meet new and emerging trends in the fashion industry. To this end, the company leverages the fact that it vertically integrates the R&D, spinning, dyeing, twisting, weaving and finishing depts., offering a vertical textile production service.

By adopting a differential and sustainable product development strategy, Riopele launches fabric collections for any season of the year, focusing on quality and durability. This enables the company to present the customer with novelties at different times, reducing redundant textile production according to demand.

Currently, Riopele has over 750 active customers, operating on different continents and seasons, exporting 95% of its production. For José Alexandre Oliveira, "given our huge international customer base, the seasonal approach is no longer a priority, which also means transcending the traditional fashion consumption cycle".