Riopele develops an APP for professional customers

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Although it exports 95% of its production to over 30 countries, Riopele is committed to strengthening "a close and regular relationship", as Bernardino Carneiro put it, "with its current portfolio of over 700 customers".

For the company's Board Member, "the development of an e-commerce platform exclusively directed at professionals in the sector was perceived as a priority, and it also allows, to reinforce the approach to new clients". "It enables our ambitious goal of positioning ourselves directly and permanently, in our customers' sourcing platform, thus boosting sales growth", highlighted Bernardino Carneiro.

The dissemination of the Covid-19 coronavirus forced Riopele to rethink the company's traditional commercial strategy, speeding up the development of digital tools to "ensure proximity and permanent contact with the client, improve service levels and simplify interim processes".

The creation of this e-commerce platform for professionals is part of the "Riopele Digital" programme, started in 2016, within the scope of the Digitalisation/Industry 4.0 drivers. Namely, at "investing in transformative applications that improve productivity, ensure speed, agility and reliability to handle processes, lowering administrative costs and freeing resources for critical business development activities".

Established in 1927, Riopele is one of the references in the textile industry at the European level. "It is in our DNA to invest in new product development processes, and even digitalisation, with the intent of presenting surprising solutions to the markets". For this purposes, Riopele's I&D unit "has grown and is currently composed of over 120 professionals in crucial areas, such as research, development, product engineering and sustainability".

This communication tool, "highly intuitive and which allows all users to navigate with ease", features the presentation of new products with a reinforced cadence and the possibility to analyse, in detail, all the fabrics developed by Riopele, as well as technical features. "It is a source of detailed information, in real-time, that allows us, if necessary, optimise the relationship with our clients and react attentively to market requests", he concluded.