Riopele sets out for a century of success with a new Vision and Mission

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Riopele, one of Portugal's oldest textile companies, has announced a new vision and mission to achieve a century of success. The company, founded in 1927, thus deepens its purpose to provide sustainable and innovative fabrics to transform the textile industry value chain and capture emerging business opportunities.

According to the Riopele Chairman, "a period of great development and change is approaching and that will go down in the history of the textile industry". "At Riopele, we are committed and engaged to stand at the forefront of technological and sustainable progress," explained José Alexandre Oliveira.

After investment totalling 35 million euros over the last decade, Riopele is now setting a higher European standard for textile production. "A combination of cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices and efficient processes are transforming the way our textiles are created and produced," described José Alexandre Oliveira.

Following the definition of this new vision, Riopele seeks to establish itself as "the leading company in the textile industry of the future, innovative and sustainable, based on the transparent and responsible management of resources, respect for human rights and promoting technological development".

With a vertical textile production service, capable of meeting the current fast pace of the industry, Riopele integrates the areas of R&D, Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving and Finishing, with a production capacity of over 700 thousand metres of fabric per month.

With the ambition of making fashion more sustainable and accelerating the positive impact on the planet, Riopele's new mission is "to be a textile industrial company, global in its horizons, creative and sustainable, and based on an environment of innovation, continuous improvement and operational excellence, aiming to add value to our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and community".

According to Riopele's Chairman, "the new vision and mission are strongly consolidated in the culture of responsibility, professionalism and integrity that spans every level of the company's business".

The company, which celebrates its 96th anniversary in 2023, will maintain its focus on its core business segments with a new vision and mission that shall contribute to furthermore consolidating its position as an international benchmark in the European textile industry.